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Internet editing/publishing

Phil is Managing Editor for Saltford Environment Group. This is Phil's main website project at present.

Phil was also Managing Editor for Our South West from 1999 until June 2019 when it was transferred to the SW EEMGs. This website had a large international following in its early years as it championed resilient sustainability. It was first launched by Phil in 1999 and was one of the world's first regional websites dedicated to encouraging and enabling sustainable development at the local, regional and business level. Much has changed then including a much greater understanding of sustainability issues by policy makers although the short-termism associated with the UK's political system has meant a joined-up and consistent approach and the necessary strong leadership to drive through change has sadly been missing. The British Library has held archived copies of the website in its early (and now dated) format from 2008 to 2011.

The remaining live web pages on the 'Our South West' website are primarily for the SW Energy & Environmental Management Groups (SW EEMGs):-

    Avon & Somerset EEMG
    Cotswold EEMG
    Devon & Cornwall EEMG
    Wessex EEMG

In addition to designing and building this website,, Phil has designed and built many websites including:

  Cicero Strategy - strategic advice on telecomms & competition

  Saltford Environment Group - towards a sustainable future for Saltford - discovering the origins of English music - the interview of your life

Phil was also webmaster for Climate SouthWest (the SW region's partnership promoting adaptation and resilience to climate change) for the Environment Agency & others from 2003 until 2012 when the website was re-developed and moved from to a new URL address. Climate SouthWest closed in 2015 due to public spending cuts.


Phil first got involved in managing and developing a major regional information-sharing website in 1998 just before a massive expansion and growth of internet use in the UK. Phil's main interest is in writing and editing content for information based websites of contemporary, easy to navigate, design.

As a constant user of the internet with an interest in marketing and design, Phil has a real appreciation of the importance of web page design that engages with visitors and is effective in promoting information, goods and services.

Good 'Search Engine Optimisation' (SEO) is also key to a website's success and Phil has achieved spectacular success with websites he has built and managed himself, constantly achieving 1st place in the non-advertised results from tens of millions of Google search results for key words and phrases. He does not provide an SEO service himself (there are specialists who can do this) but he can provide guidance on some of the key issues website owners need to consider.

Phil can be found on twitter at @philhardingnet

Internet & Photography

To see examples of Phil's photographic work click on digital camera:

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Phil uses his long-standing interest in photography to support his internet work. He takes portrait, still-life or landscape photographs to assist in creating the design for web sites and web pages.

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Client & user feedback

"looks fantastic" (History of Saltford project)"
School teacher, Saltford, 2015

"Must congratulate you on such a well set out and informative site; if only ours was similar"
Environmental Campaign Group Chairman, Notts, 2013

"...highly impressed by the speed and efficiency... and by the response from members of the public who have seen and commented on the site... a great focus for the community... the quality of the copy has been excellent"
1st Chairman, Saltford Environment Group
October 2011

"We have benefited from your commitment and attention to detail, along with your efficient and prompt service which has resulted in us being able to maintain a well used, accessible and up to date website...strengthened by your ability to establish a site that makes full use of search engine optimisation, so we are able to maximise visitors to our website."
Environment Agency Director South West
Climate SouthWest Chair, November 2011

"Phil designed and set up my website earlier this year and has provided training to enable me to maintain and update the site.
   I was particularly impressed by Phil's efficiency and rapid response to any query and also in the way he involved me in decisions about the design and content of the site throughout the process.
   Phil has delivered for my business exactly what was required."

Independent Consultant
LinkedIn recommendation, October 2011

I've received several plaudits from my local authority clients... clear, easy site to navigate... can find the information they want without difficulty...
   Your design technique means that with only one hour's training from you [spouse's name] has been able to maintain and update the website without difficulty"

Independent Consultant
October 2011 

Phil Harding

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