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Phil works freelance and on a voluntary basis communicating ideas, advice & guidance on motivation and change management. This includes as workshop leader on motivation &/or change management, e.g. for groups or management awaydays etc. on an "expenses only" basis.

Phil's other areas of work include sustainability & the environment following his succesful career in UK Government service. Activities include writing, freelance photography, website editing, community volunteering, & communicating sustainability issues including as Chairman of Saltford Environment Group (link).


A project Phil is leading on is a new approach to researching & publishing online local history to help foster a greater interest in protecting the local environment. See: 'The History of Saltford' (link).


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Coopersale Vicarage & the Hardings

Click on the Coopersale Vicarage image for
photographs of the vicarage in the 1970s etc.
and for tributes to Rolf & Elizabeth Harding.

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'Escaping the Holocaust'
Click on the train or link here for:
'Escaping the Holocaust'
- the account of Rolf Harding's early
life & escape from the holocaust.

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"Quotes Corner" provides many different perspectives to inspire or help you reflect upon with hundreds of quotes & quotations to choose from.

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Phil Harding is based in the South West of England and lives between the cities of Bristol and Bath.

All initial enquiries* should be by email unless the enquiry is urgent. Please include a daytime telephone number with your enquiry.

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Tel (UK office hours):   07814--720--763

Find Phil on twitter:   @philhardingnet

Find Phil on instagram:   phil_r_harding


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"Beneficentia est sapientia"

(Kindness is wisdom)

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